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Cremation Caskets are coffins intended to be displayed at a funeral, but, in many cases, they are not ultimately buried. Often known as “funeral caskets,” too, cremation caskets are common today when a person is to be cremated but the family wants to conduct a traditional funeral service in which the body is displayed in a casket before the cremation. Cremation caskets differ from standard caskets only in that they are often made up of lighter weight materials that will not be asked to stand up to the Earth’s elements underground. Sometimes cremation caskets are sent directly to the crematorium with the deceased’s body, but, often cremation caskets are used solely for display of a body at a funeral service. Before cremations are conducted in these cases, the body is transferred to another, less elaborate container in which it will be cremated. In memorial industry terminology, these simpler containers are known as “cremation containers” and are different from the “cremation caskets” displayed publicly during Cremation caskets offer a dignified way to cremate a loved onefuneral. Cremation caskets, while lighter and less hearty, typically look no less luxurious than other caskets and are usually adorned with cushioning and, sometimes elaborate, external fittings that befit any beautiful memorial service.

Though cremation caskets are intended for people who are to be cremated, cremation caskets may, of course, be buried in the ground directly or in a burial vault. Even for people who are not cremated, cremation caskets are a popular choice because they are usually designed to decompose quickly, and are, accordingly, considered more environmentally friendly than caskets made from heavy steel or wood. That said, it’s interesting to note that no casket – cremation caskets or other types -- will preserve a body indefinitely, regardless of its material and regardless of whether the deceased has been embalmed beforehand. In some cases, a sealed  casket may actually speed up rather than slow down the process of decomposition. This is something that many people keep in mind when they choose cremation caskets for burial. An airtight funeral casket, for example, fosters decomposition by anaerobic bacteria, which results in a putrefied liquefaction of the body, and all putrefied tissue remains inside the container, only to be exposed in the event of an exhumation. Containers that allow air molecules to pass in and out, such as the simplest cremation caskets, allow for aerobic decomposition that results in much less noxious odor and clean skeletonization.

Among the cremation caskets available is the Galilee Cremation Casket. According to their manufacturer, Galilee Cremation Caskets are “distinctively grained golden birch in a natural finish. A classic design incorporating eco-combustible construction standards, Galilee Cremation Caskets, like all cremation caskets, are suitable for either traditional burial or cremation.

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